We love to embrace challenging projects for production companies and advertisements agencies worldwide.     

With a strong background in art direction, CGI & VFX,  miniature models , cinematography and installations we love to concoct new, original and unique stories in worlds that reflect our vision and style.     
With +15 years of experience in both practical and digital VFX our goal is always to chase for the highest look & feel and 3D animation quality as possible, which at the end, is what empowers the sense of any story.​​​​​​​
   We worked for the following production companies: 
1st Ave Machine , BITT Animation, Able&Baker (Spain),The Mill , Grid-VFX (Belgium), 3Dar, REINO Bs.As., 100 Bares, MUNDOLOCO, Gizmo, VFX Boat, Oner VFX, DeTuco, Bleed VFX, LeCube, Wanka Cine, Aquí y Allá Films, Avatar LA, McFly Studio, GF Films, Fox Colombia.     

   List of Agencies, Brands and Clients involved in the projects: 
BBDO, Ogilvy, 72andSUNNY, JWT, Adam&Eve, NBA, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Ford, Sunsilk, McDonalds , Johnson&Johnson, Unilever,  PopArt, Sony Music     

   List of movies we worked for: 
Metegol, Hands of Stone (ft. Robert De Niro), El cuento de las comadrejas, La Odisea de los giles, Tulip Fever, Oops Noah is Gone, Deep,  Adventure Force 5, Cosmic Chaos, Los Lunis.
T h a n k  y o u !
Ale Turano   &    Mech Rabovich
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